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A Day at The Spa: Get Pampered in Puebla

The changing room at The Spa in Puebla.You don’t have to book an expensive spa vacation to pamper yourself. Travelers with tired feet and locals looking for a break from city life can spend an hour or four at The Spa in Puebla. This urban retreat provides myriad ways to relax, refresh, and get away from it all without leaving town.

The full-service spa and salon offers much of what you’d expect from a fancy resort — except for the beach, the bar, and the premium prices. Its stylists do hair, nails, and pedicures. Its therapists do facials, massages, wraps, and other treatments, including tanning and waxing. Its instructors give yoga and pilates sessions in an exercise studio. How could a girl resist? I couldn’t, so I made an appointment.

I arrived at the reception desk exactly on time, at noon on a Friday, and expected to wait awhile, as is usual in Mexico, but I was immediately directed up two floors to the spa. A massage therapist greeted me as I exited the spiral stairway. After I filled out the usual form (in Spanish) stating that I didn’t have any worrisome medical conditions, she took me to the changing room, where a robe, disposable slippers and thong underwear, and a locker with a key for stowing clothing and personal items were ready for me.

My spa day began with a 10-minute steam, followed by a quick rinse in the shower, all in one private room. When I emerged, my therapist was waiting for me with a complimentary glass of very green chlorophyll water, ostensibly to help boost my energy later in the day. It smelled funny, but tasted OK. Next up: a one-hour, anti-stress massage. The room was clean and well-appointed, with tranquil Muzak piped in. The treatment was fantastic, with a bit of aromatherapy, a fair amount of pressure on my aching back, and a heating pad on my shoulders.

Afterward, I headed back downstairs to the salon, where I treated myself to a spa pedicure and a haircut. The pedicure, which included exfoliation and polish, was nice (but I was a bit skeptical of the cleanliness of the foot tub). The haircut was my fourth in Puebla — and the best stylist I’ve had so far. My total bill for the three-hour experience was just 930 pesos, plus tip. I’ll definitely return.

The Spa, located at Calzada Zavaleta #3506, celebrates its seventh anniversary on Aug. 5. (Stop by this Thursday and you’re likely find a few festive specials in effect.) Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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