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Free App Leads Visitors to Puebla’s Museums

Puebla Ciudad de Museos app (screen shots)A new mobile app released by the city of Puebla’s tourism office aims to help visitors navigate the major museums and art galleries in the greater metropolitan area.

Puebla Ciudad de Museos provides a multilingual directory of the capital’s most noteworthy sites and related information, such as the dates of upcoming “museum nights,” when select locations open their doors for extended hours and offer free admission to all comers.

The app also:

– Maps the specific locations of museums and galleries in Puebla and Cholula
– Provides each site’s regular operating hours and contact information
– Contains a (somewhat limited) calendar of events
– Offers a lovely photo gallery of participating sites
– Connects users to the city tourism office’s via phone, email, and social media

The free app, which was developed by Javier Zuniga Utrilla, is available for iOS and Android smartphones. —Rebecca Smith Hurd

Photo credit: Screen grabs from the iOS app

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2 Responses to “Free App Leads Visitors to Puebla’s Museums”

  1. Becca says:

    I just downloaded this app after I saw it in the news. 🙂

    Curiously I didn’t know your site existed until today, even though you have me in your links! I just met someone who told me he’d been reading “another Puebla blog by another Rebecca”!

    Your site looks great!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Gracias, tocaya! I’m glad you found the site and hope you’ll visit often. 🙂