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Chiles en Nogada Season Arrives in Puebla

Chile en nogada, by Mesones de la SacritíaChiles en nogada are so important to Puebla’s gastronomy that their arrival each year draws an impressive crowd. The official 2011 season kickoff, held July 14 by the national restaurant association at Hotel Camino Real, attracted scores of restaurateurs and various dignitaries, including Mayor Eduardo Rivera Pérez, celebrity chef Patricia Quintana, and a Mexican archbishop (the dish was invented by nuns). Nineteen different restaurants served their takes on the traditional recipe, sales of which are expected to bring in 10 to 20 percent more patrons into dining rooms statewide between now and the end of September. The state secretary of tourism says Puebla is allocating 7 million pesos for the promotion of regional cuisine.

It’s been a tough year for cultivating two of the dish’s key ingredients, walnuts and Poblano chile peppers, in the state of Puebla. Bad weather (hail, frost, landslides) and competition from importers have cut supplies and driven up prices. However, purists continue to use only local products, and restaurateurs remain optimistic and anticipate diners will consume some 3 million chiles en nogada, or 25 percent more than they did in 2010.

Dignitaries at the 2011 season kickoff included the mayor and celebrity chef Patricia Quintana.Visitors to Puebla can sample chiles en nogaga at eateries all around the state and its capital city, including these official purveyors promoted by the restaurant association. Expect to pay 100 to 350 pesos per plate. In addition, at least two festivals that celebrate the nearly 200-year-old dish are scheduled to take place in the neighboring towns of San Andrés Calpan (August 12 to 14) and San Nicolás de los Ranchos (August 6 to 29). To learn more about the history and preparation of chiles en nogada, check out All About Puebla’s previous post, “Puebla’s Patriotic Dish: Chiles en Nogada.”

Sources: Intolerancia and Milenio newspapers

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6 Responses to “Chiles en Nogada Season Arrives in Puebla”

  1. Greengagirl says:

    I am hoping that I can convince my fellow teachers in Pachuca to make a trip with me to see Puebla and eat this signature dish. Hopefully we won’t be too busy with the start of school!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I hope so, too! Everybody’s gotta eat, right? 😀

  3. Manuel says:

    yum! Who could be in Puebla now to partake in this feast!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Hola, Manuel! I suspect you’re referring to the lovely Ana, who we’re hopeful we get to see again before she heads back to Spain.

  5. Richard says:

    Just came from Caprichos Mexicanos, where we ate delicious chiles en nogada. The sauce is made fresh to order.

    The restaurant is located at 47 Norte No. 11, Col. Aquiles Serdan, just off of Prolongación Reforma, near the corner where you see Farmacia Guadalajara (but I promise that you won’t need to stop at the pharmacy for any digestion remedies). Caprichos Mexicanos has an extensive menu of Mexican food, daily comida corrida, has well prepared food, is very clean and well run by a young woman who has academic and work credentials in the field. It has a pleasant atmosphere and is what you might call a neighborhood restaurant. We go regularly.

  6. If you visit Puebla during this season … we invite you to make a stop at La Casita de Antaño. We have the best Chiles en Nogada and all the cuisine of Puebla. 49 Poniente #4102, Fraccionamiento Estrellas del Sur.